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The Engineer Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agent (EEOCA) was created in 2004 after a technical capabilities gap was identified between Combat Engineers and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians. In order to fill this gap, the EEOCA course was designed to equip more Soldiers in the United States (US) Army with the technical skills to be able to identify ordnance by classification, recognize all hazards and protective measures required, perform safe route clearance operations, and have limited blow in place (BIP) capability with unexploded ordnance (UXO). The skills acquired in the EEOCA course were ultimately intended to facilitate the freedom of maneuver for all US and allied forces. Since the fruition of the EEOCA course, there have …show more content…

During the second week, the primary focus is protective works and blow in place techniques for specific ordnance types. Also during this week, the Combined Practical Exercise (CPX) is conducted which allows for scenario-based practical application of newly acquired skills while utilizing various training lanes to provide Soldiers experience with tactical environment training. The CPX also serves as an indicator to instructors that students are able to think critically under any circumstance and properly use the EEOCA Guide. During the latter part of FY16 and the beginning of FY17, the EEOCA cadre successfully conducted three Institutional Army Warfighter Assessments (IAWAs) designed to test the validity of the proposed curriculum. Substantive changes were instituted throughout the IAWA process and the finished version of POI 16.0 is pending approval and validation. Since the IAWA process, there has been a graduate rate of 64% and a total of 270 Soldiers will be trained during FY17. The desired outcome is a course that better meets the needs of all components, reduces resources, and trains the critical tasks to

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