Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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[3][8]Weather reconnaissance, search and rescue assisting operations in sea and mountains, aerial photographing and mapping, fire detection and traffic control are examples of usage fields. [1]
Path Planning, crucial phase for navigation process, is about to determining optimal or near optimal path between destinations with fulfilling constraints such as hostile threats. [2]
Depending on the degree of difficulty of the task, operations such as path planning should be fulfilled without human support. [1] The autonomy of such use is advantageous in situations that require quick decisions. And success of path planning heavily relies on selected algorithm. [4] Measure of success can be categorized into two sections: feasibility which considers to safely moving objects to target and optimality which is about to finding optimal solution.
When a task difficult to accomplish by a single UAV or it is cheaper, easier or faster than there may be a need would arise to use multiple UAVs to fulfill task [8]. To solve some problems multiple UAVs path planning may be came into as a constraint. [8] Search and rescue operations are examples of multiple UAVs usage areas.
There are different types of path planning architectures. It can be centralized or distributed. In centralized systems; a universal path planer…

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