Upholding Ethical and Moral Codes of Institutions I'm Involved With

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Ethics is always a very questionable topic in society these days, mainly because everyone’s view on the subject is different. One person may have one opinion and the person sitting next to them could be one hundred percent opposed to the same thing. In schools and universities across the country, it is common to have peers and friends ask you about your experience with a test or assignment in hopes to calm their nerves before taking it. However, the ethically questionable part of this trend comes into play when previous materials are given to these peers. This semester, I confessed to being sent a test that was, unbeknownst to many others and myself, stolen from last semester. In today’s classroom setting, it is very commonplace for teachers to let students keep their tests after grading them. For this reason, nobody thought anything of receiving the stolen exam. Most students assumed this would be another way to judge how a professor words their exams and what information they see as pertinent to the overarching theme and topic of the class. Most, like myself, shrugged it off as another old test that would be relatively useless for the new exam that the teacher would create for this semester and continued to study as usual. As stated previously, the sharing of past materials is ethically questionable, yet it still persists each day. Why? Simple, everyone wants to help his or her friends succeed. We study together, attend class together, have projects together, and

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