Upper Management : Who Is The Person?

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Upper Management – Who is the Person?
An upper level manager who holds the post of upper management is a person within corporations. He is responsible and also accountable for success and letdowns in a given operation. In large-scale organizations, executives of top most level must collaborate and work together ensuring that a particular operation is running at per the organization’s market policies and goals.
Executive officers, plant managers, departmental managers, and general managers all fall in the category of top executives. They are the designated persons who actually articulate directions and strategies of agencies and organizations. These executives are driven by a major objective of ensuring consistent and increasing business
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All the managerial activities can be classified within a broad category. Managers, belonging from different hierarchy, are utilized in different managerial functions. However, managerial roles can be clustered into three main types: informational, interpersonal, and decisional.
Informational roles enable managers to acquire and convey information. The trend in informational roles have improved affectedly due to the ongoing developments in technology. A monitor is assigned to evaluate others’ performance and he is accountable to take necessary steps in order to recover from the performance lag. He is also responsible to closely monitor environmental changes within the organization that may have a direct or indirect impact on the performance of employees and organization. The activity of monitoring can take place in the entire managerial levels. However, higher-level managers are more responsible monitoring external risk factors than the mid-level or first-line counterparts. Managers often have a role of a disseminator. This is a specific role that gives managers the accountability to inform company staffs about the changes that has a positive or negative impact to them and to the company. They are also designated to communicate the organization’s vision
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