Urban Mobile 's Best Choice For A Desktop

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Urban mobile 's best choice for a desktop should be this dell customized All-in-One PC (OptiPlex 3030 All in-One). This is beneficial to the company, as a separate monitor is not needed, as it is included in the package and the website allows the customer to choose an operating system and what has been chosen is Windows 8.1 (64bit) English; this system has been known to exceed the outcomes of the Windows 7 program. For instance, computers or laptops with Windows 8.1 only take 10-15 seconds to boot up, additionally, some switching on even faster depending on the SSD. This system, also, uses a hybrid boot mode, which lets the PC to start up much more quickly; this is useful, as there isn’t a long start up time, like other computers. The kernel allows the gadget to hibernate instead of shutting down completely, and the use of cores makes it possible to start-up in seconds. Windows 8.1 features the enterprise edition; this permits users to start a personalised version of Windows from a USB or any other machine running Windows 7 or 8; this means the company can put all the applications needed, like Microsoft office, on the start screen. In addition, this means that the Windows Store is enabled by default, allowing users to access apps across multiple machines, which is useful, if the company wants to access the system and they cannot get to the computer. Windows 8.1 has many security features, which includes using BitLocker Drive encryption, and being able to enable them by
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