Use Of Verbal Rhetoric On The Mobile World

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Being immersed in our mobile world can cause us to be greedy and unconcerned with how our actions affect others. “A recent study conducted by the University of Maryland has linked selfish behavior and cell phone usage”( Mcentegart). Society has become more and more detached. We don’t feel the need to interact with one another in our day to day life. This is because our need for attention and conversation is being fulfilled by our mobile addiction This generation has become so involved with the technological world that people are lacking qualities needed to become successful without it. “‘We expect more from technology and less from one another,’ this is because we have relied on our technology for so long, that we develop a relationship that causes us to think it will never lead us astray or tell us any wrong.” It’s becoming so common to meet people through our cell phones, that we are slowly losing the ability to meet new people face to face. “The experience of using and analyzing verbal rhetoric that is gained through a face to face conversation or discussion is something that cannot be taught or acquired through technological means of communication” (Dougherty). When communicating through cell phones, the experience of seeing one’s facial expressions is lost. Along with hearing the tone of voice, and the ability to use these clues to help decipher the true meaning. The lack of face to face conversations is causing people to lose the ability to speak in front of others.

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