Usefulness And Economic Impact Of Delivering Medicine Use Reviews Essay

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An evaluation of the usefulness and economic impact of delivering Medicine Use Reviews (MURs)
Introduction – What are MURs?
Community pharmacies provide several advance services to the public, one of the most popular of these services are Medicines Usage Review (MUR) (Youssef, 2010). According to the National Health Service Act 2013, there are four underlying purposes of the Medicine Use Review service. With the consent of patients, MURs aim to improve the patient’s knowledge and understanding of the medicines they take; identifying incompliance or ineffective use of drugs as well as side effects or drug interactions that may affect the patient’s overall health (Adam, Department of Health, and Department of Health, 2013). In addition, it aims to improve clinical and cost effectiveness of medicines prescribed and supplied to patients with the hope of reducing wastage and enabling patients to get the best and most effective results from their treatment (Adam, Department of Health, and Department of Health, 2013). For this research paper, I will be evaluating the effectiveness of Medicine Use Reviews and if they are having the intended effect on the patient. I will also be assessing the ethics and approach taken, with focus on the pressure on the community pharmacist, on conducting MURs. Moreover, I will be investigating the economic impact MURs have on the NHS and if this advanced service is cost effective to run on the NHS.
Who are Medicine Use Reviews aimed at?

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