Using Oral Corrective Feedback And Understanding Of English Writing Skill

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Research Concept Paper

Research title: Using Oral Corrective Feedback Collaborate with Written Corrective Feedback to Encourage long-term improvement and understanding of English Writing Skill

Introduction Nowadays, English is one of important languages in the world because it is used as an international language in all fields around the world. From this reason, it is necessary to know all aspects of this language. Academic English writing is also an important skill since it is used extensively in higher education and in the workplace makes English writing ability becomes a necessary skill. However, many Thai students who don’t have good writing ability are not able to write accurately even English major students. This study will find out the way to improve writing skill in university students. The researchers believe that one of the factors affecting the writing ability is the way of giving corrective feedback of teachers and the feedback can help learners develop their writing skill. There are two types of corrective feedback which usually found in university writing courses: written corrective feedback and oral corrective feedback. However, the lecturers normally use only written corrective feedback in their classes. This teaching strategy still has a gap that some students don’t understand why the mistakes are not correct. Moreover, this gap of using only one method of using corrective feedbacks cannot make students improve their writing ability.
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