Using The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale

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A Pre-Kindergarten classroom was observed using the Early Childhood Environment Rating scale scoresheet. The purpose of this paper will discuss one section, space and furnishings. The score sheet was used to observe the children and the classroom. Eight areas where observed, which included indoor space, furnishing, and outdoor gross motor. Each area had a different score, although certain areas scored an excellent seven. Overall the classroom had a great score. On Friday, February 5, 2016 I observed Ms. L pre-k classroom. I arrived in her classroom at 8:45 am and stayed until 9:45am. Ms. L was the only teacher present in her classroom, at the moment she doesn’t have an assistant teacher. At the beginning of the observation ten students were present. By 9:30am Ms. L had all twelve of her students present. The state ratio for a pre-k classroom is one to twelve, meaning one teacher can be with twelve students. However, if another teacher was present in the classroom they could have up to twenty-four students. This ratio includes four and five year olds. All the children in Ms. L class are four years old, currently none of her students will turn five until the month of April. Three out of twelve students in the classroom have either a food allergy or family food preference. I entered the classroom during breakfast time the students were having wheat pancakes, but due to one child allergies he had to eat cornflakes. This was the perfect time to finish interviewing Ms. L,

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