VSP Reflection

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The VSP, essential role within their agency is serving residents of the District of Columbia who have been victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, traffic or alcohol related crimes, or property crimes. The VSP overall goal is to be committed to responding to victims of crime with compassion, respect, and understanding. Over the few months that I have interned with the VSP I had the ability to tackle tasks that I assumed would be above my criteria or potential, but I mastered each duty that was given to me. During my time there I observed and learn they way VSP works with Community Supervision Officers (CSOs) to decrease the incidence of recidivism and re-victimization and partners with victim service agencies to identify crime victims, …show more content…

The pamphlets were basically information for victims of crime who need assistance. Secondly, I serviced my supervisor with creating and inputting victims personal information along with their offender’s SMART info sheet into VSP open case files, which happen to be very important because we have to keep a record of every client's paperwork. Equally important, I took a visit to the court building to watch, yet accommodate a CSO to aid a victim, by appearing in court observe and take documentation on the status of the case in order to keep track of the history. Moreover, I interacted with people who needed to come in for community service hours due to sanctions or misdemeanor charges. I had them fill out personal paperwork and was assisting my co-workers to give offenders a lists of locations sites for their community service hours. To add, I was taking police report sheets to the 3rd floor to receive a record of clients police report, which I had to fill out the forms with client information. I implemented victims and offenders PDID numbers into the system to keep track and record of the clients whom cases are still open. Furthermore, I sat in and observed my supervisor and other colleague

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