Values And Objectives Of Nissan

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The sustainability marketing values and objectives
Nissan’s CSR Vision
Nissan is guided by the corporate vision of enriching people's lives and contributes to the sustainable development of society through global activities. The company’s mission is to provide innovative and unique automotive products and services that deliver superior values to all stakeholders in alliance with Renault. As the world's leading automotive manufacturer, Nissan is also committed to providing solutions for human being. The company is committed to providing better, more valuable and sustainable mobility for all stakeholders - including customers, shareholders, employees and communities engaged in business activities. According to its business activities, Nissan not only create economic value, but also for the sustainable development of society to make a positive contribution.
Nissan’s Eight Sustainability Strategies
Nissan's strategy is based on the concept of listening to the community and identifying potential risks and opportunities. The company takes into account the proposals of major experts and organizations, reviews organizations' assessments, uses this information to analyze its goals and activities, and to
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The Global Environmental Management Committee (G-EMC), including members of the board of directors as joint chairman, held two meetings a year. It determines the overall policy and reporting content of the company's officials on the basis of the selected issues, before submitting to the board of directors. The Corporate Strategy and Business Development Department is to determine which recommendations will be forwarded to G-EMC and assigned specific actions to various departments. This department is in charge of the effective management and operation of environmental programs in accordance with the PDCA (plan, do, check, act)
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