Van Gogh Major Accomplishments

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There were many great and famous artists in the world,, some of which weren’t famous until they were dead and the only thing that remained of them was the artwork, Like my artist Van Gogh. Van Gogh was considered a very dark artist. Most of his work was quite depressing to look at so people didn’t like his art until a later time when he started traveling more and started making bright pastel and colorful pieces. That was the first time he was noticed. There are some very interesting facts about Van Gogh, for example his full name is Vincent Willem Van Gogh. He was also born in Holland and he had a brother who shared the same name with him. Many people know him for his art but not many people know that he was actually meant to be a pastor but he found a greater connection to art, which he didn’t start doing until he was 27. When he finally started doing his art it wasn’t very popular, so he traveled while creating hoping other …show more content…

Besides his mother Anna he had several siblings and a father named Theodorus. He used pastels and mainly did portraits in his art. Van Gogh made his best art when he was in an asylum. He put himself in the asylum with his brother because one night he tried to commit suicide and he wanted to be restrained from doing so. The asylum is also where he died supposedly, his death is partial mystery. It is believed he either died in the arms of his brother, or he was killed by his brother or an assassin. People remember Van Gogh for many reasons, mainly his most popular piece of art, Starry Night. People love his brighter pictures with pastels and magical environments. He wanted his darker first art pieces to be his popular. However they weren't popular. He was also known for being very depressed and morbid throughout his art, even in his brighter

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