Verbal And Nonverbal Forms Of Communication

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According to the score table in section 1, my weakest skill is communication, I assessed myself with 100 points, but I only receive 9 on this skill. The gap is the biggest among all these assessed skills, which is -91. Lack of effective expression in the group meeting is one of my problems during this activity. This includes both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. My writing skill is not that strong could also be a problem for this low score.
I give myself 50 on initiative skill, and I receive 63 on it, the gap was 13. Decision-making is one of my weak skills, I self-assess a score of 50, but I only score 7 on this skill. The gap is -43, which indicates really big over over estimation of myself. The second weak skill of mine …show more content…

During the group meeting, from the communication aspect, I was trying to self-started actively by expressing my own opinion at the beginning of the meeting, but I was lack of communicating with meeting partner during the meeting. Communication is an ability to transfer information accurately, clearly to others in both life and work, basically in every aspect of people’s life. It is interesting because it could have different forms, such as vocally, written, visually or non-verbally. It is challenging to change because it needs practice, people need to work on their communication skills and by doing it quality of life could also be improved.


Organizing, teamwork and initiative are three additional skills I would like to improve upon.
Organizing is important because is it a skill to establish a course of action for self or others to accomplish a specific goal in both work and life. It is interesting because people can found life become a lot easier with organized arrangements. It could be challenging since it is not an easy skill to obtain. It needs time to train myself to eventually become organizied.
Teamwork is important because it is a collaboration among team members. It needs everyone’s participation, respects, contribution and encourages. It is interesting because we can always get unpredictable results from a group of people working together. Teamwork can produce some creative and effective outcomes.

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