Video Games And Its Effects On The World

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Video games have been around since the 1950 's due to computer scientists designing and making A.I and other simulators as research. The video games that people came to love were starting to be made in the late 1970s to early 1980s. Some would say that games back then were much harder than the games being produced today. The game "Mega Man" being a huge contributor to this statement, due to its very challenging levels and boss stages. While some of that is true, there are games being made today that are just as hard, if not harder than those made previously. A game that has become very popular around the world; League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena or “MOBA” for short, has taken the world by storm bringing almost 660 million…show more content…
After that prepare to have everyone in the game yell at someone for that person doing terribly. These are the worst ways to get better at League of Legends. Why would someone want to start playing the game? For one, there is a giant community of “67 million players” (Stevenson) to be precise. Those who can become the best at the game can even make some money playing it, by playing for a professional team or streaming. Players that aren 't so great at the game tend to copy whatever the best players are doing because they believe: “If that player did that well on X character, that means that champion is good”. While in some cases this is true, Those players have more knowledge about the characters in the game, as well as how they play against other characters. So someone who is newer to the game might not realize that, when X character is up against X champion, That they won’t do as well as that profesional player did. By copping something that another player has done that worked for them, does not mean it will work for everyone and it most certainly wouldn 't make a player better. It requires knowledge that comes with practice. The only way to practice is by playing the game. Starting with the game, there are many things that someone would need to know about the game. From how all the characters work to what each role is in the game. The game itself consists of a flat map with 3
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