Video Games, The Love And Hate Of So Many Generations

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Video games, the love and hate of so many generations. For these pixelated and sometimes overrated interactive works of technology that has almost taken over our society. But, there is more put into these works of violence and adventure. The creation is to be appreciated with who does this, spending so much time and effort on making them the sensation they are today. The advancement they have made from the 1960’s to now, changing from generation as a seen on social media when those pictures are seen referencing “if you haven’t see this you are old enough” or “you know you are old when you played this”. As it advances the older generation seems more out of touch than they used to be, the question is what would happen if someone from the 1960 's played the new generations of gaming? Lastly I feel we have some of the wrong ideas about video games, such as having meanings behind the stories, their representation in such meanings, this can help society to understand things a different way and why thinking this way is a good thing. There is a whole universe behind that digital world we play and mess around with, its creation is always of epic proportions. Video games are a turn of the century invention to provide entertainment to the “nuclear family”. They are of much more than just a large group of pixels. It all starts with an idea, like any other creative process, whether hatched by one person or a studio. The process differs depending on if it is an “indie” game or…
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