Village Life in America 1852-1872

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Malia Byram
Mr. Mumau
5 December 2012 Village Life In America 1852-1872 As told in the diary of a Schoolgirl This book is a diary written by a young girl named Caroline Cowles Richards. Carolina tells the reader about her life. How at a early age her and her sister Anna, lost their mother, were sent to their grandparents house in canandaigua, New York. They were brought up with simplicity, sweetness and Puritan traditions. The diary begins in 1852, and is continued until 1872. She recalls swift transitions throughout her life that the reader can recall events happening in a history book. The majority of the diary takes place well before the civil war begins, and it is fascinating to see what the daily …show more content…

The reader got to picture Susan B. Antony presenting a speech as if they were there. Along with significant points in Caroline’s diary her entry on April 15, 1861 was extremely vital “The storm has broken upon us. The confederates fired on Fort Sumter... President Lincoln has issued a call for 75,000 men and many are volunteering to go all around us. How strange and awful it seems.” She presents the reader with the beginning of the Civil War from a northerners point of view. She was

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