Vince Lombardi Essay

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Every person ever associated with football knows how the game is played. They know every rule, play, stat, and anything else that can be recorded. There was a certain one of these people, though, that stood out from the rest. This was a man by the name of Vince Lombardi. Most people generally know who Vince Lombardi was. They know him as the former, and most famous, coach of the Green Bay Packers back in the late fifties and early sixties. They also recognize him as the man the trophy awarded to the Super Bowl winner, the Lombardi Trophy, is named after. This is all common knowledge in the football world. Do any of these people know who Vince really was? Do they know what he did to the game of football? Do they know that he changed the…show more content…
His primary and favorite out of these three, was the game of football. He played center on the schools basketball team and outfielder and catcher on the baseball team.(VLEY) CCIC did not have a football program that he could participate in. As a result of this, he transferred to St. Francis Prep High School.(VLEY) There he played guard on defense, and fullback on offense. Due to his high level of performance on the football field, Lombardi earned a scholarship to Fordham University. He became what was known as one of the “Seven Blocks of Granite” At Fordham.(VLEY) He became a well-known football star at Fordham and played it throughout his senior year. Lombardi graduated from Fordham in 1937 and started to pick up more studies. He began attending law schools at nights. To pay for the school, and to support himself, he worked for a finance company during the day. As he did before, Lombardi had another ambition to change career paths. Lombardi became a teacher at St. Cecilia High School.(VLEY) Aside from teaching, his real reason for this was the coach football. He became the assistant head football coach at the school. In 1940 he married a woman named Marie Plaintz and had two children, Vince Jr., and Susan.(VLEY) Through all of his ambitions and life
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