Violent Video Games

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In today’s society, the average child will devote most of his or her time to playing video games. Research shows that about 38% of preadolescent and 41% of adolescent males use video games on a given day compared with only 16% of preadolescent and 7% of adolescent females (Calvert et. Al. 129). They would spend about 13 hours a week playing video games and around 89% of those games include violence and blood. In Jia-Kun Zheng article, “Priming Effect of Computer Game Violence on Children’s Aggression Levels,” Zheng mainly focuses on how violent and non-violent games effect children, ranging from age 9 to 12, aggression levels. In order to determine the effects, two experiment, referred to as Study 1 and Study 2, were done. In Study 1 the participants played two games and identified them as violent and non-violent. In Study 2 the participants played either the violent or non-violent game and after were tested on the way they responded to a series of questions. In the end they found that those who played violent video games had higher levels of aggression compared to the children who played non-violent video games. While there was no significant difference between girls who played violent video games and non-violent video games, there was a difference in the girls compared to boys – boys were more aggressive (Zheng and Zhang 1747-1755).
While this article does provide a convincing argument, it fails to examine the types of aggression, like physical, verbal, relational, and

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