Virgin 's Current Product And Services

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Products and services Virgin’s current product and services range consists of telephone, broadband, directory inquiries and television packages. The release time of a product can largely influence the overall success of the launch and therefore the product itself. However, the demand for Virgin products remains fair constant throughout the year making competitors actions the primary factor dictating their product launch timing. To ensure a successful launch, Virgin’s promotional material must be timed correctly to raise consumer awareness and increase product demand. Virgin uses various promotional mediums in large quantities to penetrate the heavily saturated broadband market to increase consumer awareness on a mass scale which adheres …show more content…

To ensure the product and planned promotional mix is successful. Virgin may trial the product on a small scale to locate and adjust any issues before launching the full campaign to the mass market. Virgin highlight the benefits of using their products/ services in their promotional material to increase consumer desire and stimulate sales, e.g. faster broadband speeds, wider Wi-Fi range, increased security, etc. Virgin broadband customers are granted access to Virgin Media/Mobile Hotspots which grants internet access whilst on the London Underground. Currently there are 120 stations (and counting) with hotspot in the UK and Virgin are the only broadband provider which offers this dedicated service which is a significant USP for the company. Virgin has created a diverse promotional mix to promote the broadband service and attract customers to their business. Using a combination of these techniques will have the greatest chance of succeeding in reaching Virgin’s target audience and achieving their promotional objectives. Their aim is “to create a better business with a better future” and their objectives are to be the brand for business for UK SME’s, to drive broadband based consumer services, to be the best network provider, to be a responsible and sustainable business leader, Virgin make a profit by providing a range of Virgin branded products and services which endeavour to be ‘better, fresher and more valuable’ than those that are currently

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