Virtual Occupational Therapy (OT) Practice

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Crafts used for treatment in Occupational Therapy (OT) practice can be traced back to the late 1800’s. In today’s society, technology is becoming more prevalent as a means for communication and information; moreover, it can also be used for therapeutic purposes. More specifically, computer crafts can be used as purposeful activities with various computer software, programs and hardware. The use of computers allow individuals an opportunity to gain valuable skills and functional abilities. A similar activity is the Virtual Instrumental Activities of Daily Living System.
The Virtual Instrumental Activities of Daily Living System is as the name implies, “a virtual system used for practicing instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs).” (Ellington,
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The objectives include, but are not limited to, hand strength, range of motion, coordination, socialization and increased independence in occupational role performance. According to the Hand Strengthening with a Computer for Purposeful Activity article, based on a study, “computer games may be used effectively as purposeful activity for hand exercise.” The participants of the study were given “controls” connected to a computer that required a grip and pinch motion which can be purposeful for hand strengthening, gross and fine motor skills. Computers have potential to provide individuals who have minimal mobility, physical and psychological impairments with “doing” opportunities that can fulfill their need for competence. (Spicer & McMillan,…show more content…
Multiple studies have been done and are still being done today on the effectiveness of virtual therapy. Computer crafts are different than ordinary crafts and can often be motivating for clients to engage in as opposed to traditional crafts used in therapy. It can be used for physical impairments such as strength or range of motion, cognitive such as memory and psychological such as socialization. Although it may not be actual interaction to the environment, it is still therapeutic and can improve an individual’s

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