Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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On the other hand, cloud computing is the virtualization of computer programs by an internet connection instead of installing applications on all office computers. As an emerging concept and trend, virtualization and cloud computing has huge impacts and benefits associated with cost structure and efficiency. In the past few years, there has been increased use of virtualization and cloud computing across organizations of all sizes. Actually, there are more than 50 percent servers that are currently virtualized, a number that is expected to continue increasing in the future. Before, the virtualization and cloud computing was implemented in the workplace, many individuals within major organizations were using virtualized services and cloud computing when at home. The evolution of the concept means that it's now easy to virtualize several components of Information Technology. Virtualization is also being increasingly adopted in the workplace because it enables the firm to do things faster, which makes the company to be more agile. As virtualization and cloud computing trends will continue to evolve in the future, they will continue to provide transformational opportunities (Burrus, 2011).
Research Topic: Since virtualization and cloud computing are increasingly adopted…
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