Virtue Ethics Paper

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1. I should wait two years to get the training and grade promotion. According to the Categorical Imperative theory, I should do things that I fully expect everyone else to do. In this case, thinking from the perspective of my existing company, I would have expected my employees to either stay in the company and take the training or leave the company and take the training elsewhere because of the limited resources that the company could provide.

2. I should tell the interviewer that I will complete the training prior to starting the new position and take the course while I am still at my existing company and then give my two weeks’ notice. According to the Utilitarianism, I may use whatever means are necessary to achieve an end that increases happiness. In this case, getting the raining prior to starting the new position and having a higher pay grade would increase my happiness to the greatest extent given all the available options. …show more content…

I should attend the training course on my own expenses prior to starting the new position and give my notice to the existing company at the last performance review. According to the Virtue Ethics theory, before making up my mind, I should deal with wider questions such as “how should I alive?” and “what is the good life?” and “what are proper family and social values?” In this case, as a virtuous person, I would act in an ethical way which could maximize my utility. I would properly notify the existing company regarding my new position. In addition, in order to obtain a higher pay grade, I would attend and pay for the training course without occupying the limited resources of the existing

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