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Vocabulary Strategies for Learners Student’s name: Thi Thu Thao Tran Instructor’s name: Bobbi Plante Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Vocabulary strategies for learners It is undeniable that languages play an important role to the promotion of better understanding among the people of the world. Vocabulary is central of language and is of great implication to language learners. Vocabulary is a set of words which are materials to build …show more content…

So, there are five vocabulary strategies learners should be focus on. First of all, choosing a target vocabulary.
Computerized analyses show that a small percentage of English words-about 2000-are used much more frequently than other words. Similar research on academic textbooks and journals shows that certain words are used very frequently in these texts, regardless of the subject matter. Effective vocabulary study involves learning these two categories of words, called The
General Service List and The Academic Word List, very well. You should also know any specialized terminology that is part of your field of study. To know a word well, you must know not only what it means, but also how to use it. To study your target words, you should consult a good dictionary (Miulecky, B.S & Jeffries, L., 2007)

Secondly, choosing a vocabulary learning system
Different people use different systems to keep track of their vocabulary study. Some people like use notebooks, some people like flash cards, and some people use their computers or smartphones. Any system works as long as it allows learners to organize their vocabulary into different groups and it allows them to practice the words both receptively ( listening and reading) and productively (speaking and writing). The important thing is to have a flexible, comprehensive system and to use it consistently. (Miulecky,B.S & Jeffries, L, 2007) Thirdly, choosing word mapping strategy

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