Vodafone: Out of Many, One

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VODAFONE: OUT OF MANY, ONE The impact of globalization on the telecommunication industry and in Vodafone Traditionally, the telecommunication industry was controlled by state-owned, national telecommunication companies usually offer fixed line connections, mobile communication services and internet connections. Nevertheless, the thing has changed. The provision of communication service is now globalizing and technological innovation is breaking down traditional market boundaries as well as structures. Globalization has opened up markets and brought more competition to the telecommunication industry to make it more competitive. Furthermore, the global competition has increased performance standards in many dimensions, for instance,…show more content…
Although Vodafone has not developed their own technology which means that it does not create so much technological innovation by itself, instead of that, it bought new innovative technologies from other companies such as Nokia, Nortel, etc. and used it to serve its customers. Hence, in general, it can be said that Vodafone always brings innovations in technology to its customers to delight their satisfactions. Not only innovation but also the standardization of technology should be mentioned here since the standardization of technology and software has been a significant impact on the telecommunication industry accelerated by globalization. It impacts on the products and services offered to consumers as well as how telecommunication companies organize themselves. And Vodafone is not out of that. Within Vodafone, technology is standardized and used as well as integrated in a reasonable approach across the whole company. Network design (switching, radio) are harmonized as well. Moreover, the basis of technology and its application, called knowledge (information, intelligence, and expertise) is pooled and shared among almost department in the company such as HR, strategy, and Marketing departments to guarantee that a whole working process in Vodafone is going on the right track and harmonization. More specifically, “Group Technology” was established
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