Voip Implementation Essay

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VoIP Project Curtis Harris TM590 Reddy Urimindi 2/12/2012 Contents Introduction 3 Overview 3 Project Plan 4 Project Dependencies 6 System Constraints 8 Risk Assessment 9 The Network 9 Personnel Training 11 Project Closure 12 Introduction This project plan represents a general collection of processes and procedures covering the implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution for a fictitious customer. The purpose of this document is to define a VoIP project plan proposal to provide a customer with a comprehensive plan outlining the details, stakeholders, and time-frames for the defined project scope. I have developed the project plan in conjunction with the customer to identify implementation objectives and…show more content…
Therefore, you can optimize network performance without increasing bandwidth (Ganguly). The first order of business is to perform a complete network assessment. Most businesses know that VoIP runs over a network and that a VoIP system needs to be designed such that voice traffic runs as smoothly over it as it does over the traditional phone system. What many businesses do not realize are the network requirements for VoIP to operate correctly. The quality of a phone call can be impacted by issues such as having the right type of cabling (cat 5e or 6 is recommended), and ensuring that switches, not hubs, are deployed within a customer’s network, and that all routing and switching CPE support QoS (CIO). Additional details can include whether a company has a firewall, and whether the ports that permit the two most common VoIP protocols SIP and MGCP ports are blocked. In addition, reviewing internal network needs, a review of the network connectivity will be used to deliver VoIP should occur. Network connections should be over dedicated circuits if more than one phone call are to be supported, but the shared nature of other technologies such as ATM, Frame relay, and cable connections tend to cause quality issues that would not otherwise be noticed as a user utilizes the network (Bandwidth). Next, I will perform a complete business flow design. This is a frequently overlooked preparation item a Project Manager should
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