Voting Argumentative Essay

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On November 3rd, 2015, I woke up excited for a day of engagement. I had a good breakfast, and headed out the door eager to start the day. I was about to go and vote. When I arrived at the poll at about nine in the morning, they had already been open for about two hours. Yet, I was just the second person to come out and vote. People all across the country came out to vote; however, a large majority of Americans stayed home. Why is it that on this day of democracy—a thing many people throughout history have never experienced—Americans are oblivious to and willing to give up what power they do have? In Texas alone, only about eight percent turned out vote. Amongst youth, this number is even lower. Now, sure, one could look at the fact that there…show more content…
Not only do we control who will govern, or how our tax dollars are spent, but we decide the entire future of our society. Before, monarch’s ruled over the people and controlled the direction of a country. Today, we have the power to control our own direction. However, so few American’s do so. Why is it that so many Americans aren’t encouraged to vote when so much has been done to give us the right? Our founding father’s declared independence and fought the revolution. Women such as Susan B. Anthony fought through Women’s Suffrage and men such as Martin Luther King marched for Civil Rights. These people struggled and bled for their rights to vote and be involved in our political system. Yet, today people are more likely to ignore elections, and voter turnout has been abysmal. It’s as if to many, it doesn’t matter to them. I remember taking a U.S. Government class just a couple semesters ago where politics was frequently mentioned. In the class, many students were angered about ongoing issues such as police brutality and economic disparity. Though, a week later when voter turnout was an issue one lady said, “My life is fine, it just won’t change much.” I was confused, and I responded, “But just last week you were complaining about police brutality.” She had no response. It has come to a point where many people simply feel their vote does not
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