Vroom 's Model Of Expectancy Theory

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The reason that leaders train employees is for them to gain the knowledge that is available in order for them to properly perform the functions of their job requirement to the best of their ability. Vroom’s Model of Expectancy Theory suggests that all individuals will decide to act or behave a certain way because they are motivated by the outcome of what could happen (Kopp, 2014). Many times both managers and supervisors lose sight of their employees; forgetting to give them a pat on the back for a job well done, or a thank you for coming in on short notice. Doing these simple things gives the employee sense of accomplishment, and motivates them to do more, it gives them the drive to accomplish those difficult tasks that are set before them; with them looking for the hopes of a reward after the job is properly completed. Those employees that have supervisors or managers that do not give them positive feedback; their confidence and incentive to do well drops; which has an effect on their attitudes, emotions, and their amount of incentive they put forth at their job (Lazaroiu, 2015). Vroom continues with his expectancy theory that directly relates to the work setting. The expectancy theory is a decision theory of human motivation and choices in a work setting. This theory is grounded on four presumptions: These individuals will enter organizations with requirements concerning their demands, incentives, and previous experiences in that field. A person 's conduct is a
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