W. Grainger Business Analysis

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W.W. Grainger, Inc. is a business-to-business distributor of products used to maintain, repair, and operate facilities across the globe. Institutions worldwide rely on Grainger for products such as safety equipment, janitorial supplies, valves, and various electrical components, along with services such as technical support and inventory management. These customers consist of industries including hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and government. (Grainger Company Snapshot, 2015)
In 1927, William W. (Bill) Grainger started a wholesale electric motor sales and distribution business in Chicago which provided customers a convenient and efficient way to access a consistent supply of electric motors. A year later, the business was privately …show more content…

To operate with the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards. To be committed to superior service and satisfaction for each customer; mutually fair, responsible, and beneficial arrangements with each of their suppliers; fairness, dignity, respect, and equal opportunity for all employees regardless of sex, age, race, or national origin; and professionalism in all aspects of business operations. To operate for quality long-term growth while sustaining sound and conservative financial policies and achieving an attractive rate of return for our shareholders through continued improvements in economic earnings. To foster a working environment that promotes high integrity, high standards, initiative, and creativity; respect and concern for others as individuals, loyalty, continuous learning, and business process improvement. Lastly, to be a good corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate. (, accessed December 4, 2016). It is evident that the company has accomplished most of its goals and objectives by receiving recognition from organizations such as Barron’s, Fortune 500, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center, and Human Resource Executive Magazine to name a few. It has received awards for sustainability, most admired company, one of the …show more content…

Grainger, Inc has been very successful in its market shares and profit earnings. In 2015, with sales of over 10 billion dollars and net income of over 700 million dollars, the company reported earnings per share of $11.58, an increase of 1 percent from 2014. $1.7 billion in cash was also returned to shareholders through their expanded share buyback program. Grainger also paid out $306 million in dividends, reflecting an 8 percent increase in the quarterly dividend over the prior year; 2015 was the 44th consecutive year of increased dividends for Grainger. (Grainger Annual Report, 2016). Product development strategy has always been dynamic and Grainger evolves based on customer’s needs. Grainger has fulfilled customer needs of all sizes, realigning based on 3 groups. Small customers that prefer comfort with and preference for online buying, medium customers that focus on product categories relevant to their operations, and large customers that have complex needs and are relationship driven. (Grainger Fact book, 2016).
SWOT Analysis
A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of W.W. Grainger, Inc. is provided below. The SWOT analysis evaluates the company’s internal and external factors that are favorable or unfavorable and can be used as a planning method to achieve the company’s objectives. Strengths and weaknesses are often internal and can be measured or resolved within the company. Opportunities and threats are seldom external and requires careful

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