WK 1 DQ 1 Essay

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This paper intends to discuss the role of epistemology in research while defining knowledge as fact or fiction in society which constantly changes. The writer intends to utilize various methods of acquiring knowledge in both the natural tangible and intangible world composition. The end result may offer the reader a better understanding of the influences and formulation of a management research problem of knowledge itself.
Epistemology and Knowledge
What is knowledge? Easterby-Smith et al. (2012, p. 21) note that epistemology is inquiring via various methods regarding the composition of nature in both physical and social worlds. Knowledge itself can be described on what insight is gained from the situation regardless if the
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How we know what we know
How do we know what we know? The upbringing of an individual, experiences, communication, research, observation, feedback and awareness are all particulars of how knowledge is gained and transferred. It is of note that every individual is unique therefore fact and fiction will be perceived in various manners. Theories and philosophies often are taken into consideration when management research formulation or problems occur. Van Gich (2002) compares the epistemology disciplines in science as modern physics versus social sciences. Both of these methods have evolved with our ever changing society. Van Gich (2002, p. 201) mentions that Scientists believe knowledge should be considered ‘objectively’ without being persuaded by any extenuating circumstances such as people or place whereas philosophers tend to argue that knowledge should be subjective to perception and thought analysis. Easterby-Smith et al. (2012) note there has been a long standing tension in the conduction of management research. Should management research lead to an epistemological stance? The writer believes that every situation is unique applying objective concepts in certain circumstances and subjective concepts in others. Both concepts may be utilized in certain cases.
It is quite possible to gain knowledge from both tangible and intangible characteristics of our every changing society today. The variables depend on the intended outcome. Epistemology in management
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