Waiting For Superman Symbolism

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“Waiting for Superman” is a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim that expands on how vital a child’s education is for their future. It allows parents to see, no matter how rich or poor they are their child deserves a quality education. In the documentary, it expands on how the public education system is starting to fail in many areas in the United States leading to many students seeking charter schools. Director Davis Guggenheim tells the stories of five children and their experiences with insufficient public school and the process of entering charter schools. He introduced Geoffrey Canada, an educator and social activist, to tell the children’s stories to help influence the audience that the public education system is not at the standard it should be in underdeveloped communities and how charter schools are needed for an increase in succession rate. “Waiting for Superman” uses symbolism, the emotions of the parents and children, facts, and lack of teacher interest to enlighten the audience that public education is failing thousands of students every year. Guggenheim wanted this film to reach people across the United States and for it to be a shock. Many people do not acknowledge the fact that kids in underdeveloped communities are not receiving the crucial education they need. Yet, he was not only seeking parents of the education system, but the teachers and administrators in the system as well. It was supposed to be for teachers who simply do not care enough about

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