Waitress’ Perception.Based On Her Experience As A Waitress,

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Waitress’ Perception Based on her experience as a waitress, Belle believes that a server in a restaurant should keep the customers ' drink glasses full. When she goes to a restaurant where she has to ask to have her drink glass refilled, she automatically assumes that the restaurant has bad service. Several aspects that may contribute towards Belle’s attitude of the restaurant service expectations. First, Belle has a personal service philosophy which explains her general assumptions that her glass should always be full, otherwise, she is not receiving good service. Her previous restaurant experience as a waitress has helped shape her opinions and assumptions when she receives service in a restaurant. Customers who have worked in …show more content…

There are several factors which influence adequate service. These elements are perceived service alternatives, situational factors, and predicted service. Perceived service alternatives are defined as “other providers from whom the customer can obtain service” (Zeithaml et. al., 2013, p.59). If customers have several service providers to select from, or if they can provide the service themselves, then their levels of adequate service are greater than those who believe it is not possible to get superior service in another place (p.59). Situational factors may be divided into two categories; uncontrollable situational factors and personal situational factors. Uncontrollable situational factors are service performance conditions that are beyond the service provider. For example, forces of nature such as a tornado or hurricane may affect a service provider in certain geographic areas. Customers may be more willing to accept a delay in service due to the effects if the natural disaster. “Situational factors often lower the level of adequate service, widening the zone of tolerance” (Zeithaml et. al., 2013, p.61). Personal situational factors are often short-term factors which make customers aware of the need for services. Emergency situations, such as a flat tire may in turn raise the level of adequate service expectations, since the customer is looking for a prompt solution

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