Case 3 – Lakeview Medical Center

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Case 3 – Lakeview Medical Center 1.) Describe the method or methods you would use to determine priorities for both existing and potential services that the Lakeview Medical Center might offer. In order to determine which existing and potential services that Lakeview Medical Center (LMC) should offer, strategists must assess several key components of each service line to test its validity. LMC will conduct a “brainstorming” session outside of the work environment to encourage strategic thinking amongst the administrators. To begin with, these administrators need to decide whether or not each service at-hand aligns with the medical center’s mission. If the service does not further the organizational mission or purpose, then it should…show more content…
Nonetheless, operation would not be possible without money; therefore the financials and profitability should be looked at when determining service priorities. Finally, after aligning all of the services with the mission, assessing them for market growth, and examining their financials, the strategists should establish the probability and reality for success. Does LMC have the necessary internal and external capabilities for developing, continuing, or divesting in a service? Do they have the appropriate human and operational capital if investments are needed? In a nutshell, the goals of each service needs to be assessed for reality, and if success is actually obtainable. It is possible for LMC to develop services in a market that may already be flooded, AND does this make sense? Is possible to render great success in areas that have strong competition, and is this worth risking the capital? LMC should follow the method presented above in order to determine priorities for both existing and potential services. 2.) What criteria would you choose for selecting among the various services and how would you choose the criteria? In order to select which services Lakeview Medical Center (LMC) should develop, continue, or divest in, strategists should investigate specific criteria to assist them in their decision-making.

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