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INTRODUCTION DEFINITION OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the core business strategy that integrates internal processes and function and external network, to create and deliver value to targeted customer. It is grounded by high quality customer-related data and enabled by information technology. CRM is information industry that helps company to manage the relationship between customer and the organization. A company builds a customer database to know their customer better. This customer database describes relationship in sufficient details so that the organization, management and other related people can access the information easily. The company will understand more about customer’s…show more content…
For the 21st century, Wal-Mart becomes most successful retailer in the world. It employs more than 2.1 million associates and direct employees. The stores of Wal-Mart serve more than 176 million consumers worldwide annually. Sam Walton and Wal-Mart organization have been successful in setting an example about maintaining value and managing the never-ending growth and success. WHY IMPLEMENT THE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) Basically, every company has customers, and every company should maintain some basic information about those customers such as names, addresses, purchases, contracts, invoices, etc. Therefore every company should have at least some basic "CRM Technology" to track and serve their customers. Even small businesses use Outlook, Quicken or other applications for this purpose. If use Microsoft Outlook for daily communications, calendaring, tasks and appointments and need a way to track sales leads and opportunities, to share data across sales representatives, to improve the understanding of sales process, to communicate with a broad groups of people on a one to one basis, to improve business process in the most important area such as sales, and need a reporting system that beats multiple excel spreadsheets, then need a complete CRM solution. Why? Because CRM software can increase profitability for business by reducing current operating costs,

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