Wal Mart Stores, Inc.

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I have worked for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. at many of their facilities. In between all periods that I was working for the company, I have been very busy helping run and operate my grandparents ' farm, as well as attending college courses. I am an honor student, having graduated from Eastern Oklahoma State College with a degree in general studies, and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I am currently a student, attending classes at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. As my grandfather passed away, and I am currently not needed to assist with the farm 's upkeep at this time, I am looking to relocate to the Mcalester area. As previously alluded to, my primary source of employment has been through Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. I have had the…show more content…
I frequently helped unload the trucks. I also sorted and organized merchandise for proper placement and storage, as well as transporting it directly from the trailers of freight to the sales floor. I was shown very basic, rudimentary methods of electronically accounting for freight, as well as scanning it into the computer system for inventory control. I, along with nearly everyone that did not transfer to the new Stigler Supercenter from the original facility, left shortly after the grand opening of the new store. I worked there from September 1 to November 20 of 2007. I worked at the Pryor OK Supercenter twice. The first/ original time I was at the facility, I started in at the position of Inventory Control Specialist, commonly known as an ICS Team Member. My duties matched those in I previously had in Stigler nearly exactly. However, there was more of a focus put upon safety and dealing with potentially dangerous and combustible products...everything from their proper handling and setup, to their tidy and safe disposal in the event that any of them were found leaking or in a compromised condition of any sort. The handheld scanner was also of the utmost importance in my new position, as one of the basic responsibilities in my position was to be able to acquire and account for any item that was documented that the facility received, as well as making sure that there were adequate quantities
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