Walking The Boundaries Analysis

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In the novel ‘Walking the Boundaries’ Australian author Jackie French introduces the reader to Martin and his family and the history of their family farm. The reason why Martin is visiting his great grandfather Ted is because the old man has challenged him to walk the boundaries of the property and if he does this successfully, then the farm will be his. Martin wants to get the property and all the money that would come with selling it. In the beginning Martin thought the walk around the boundaries would be easy but he ends up facing some unexpected events and as a result learns about his family history while walking the boundaries. French expresses the change in Martin’s personality through her knowledge of Australia’s indigenous past, her use of sensory language and through the development of her main characters. In the book ‘Walking the Boundaries’ Martin discovers how the bush works and how it is everybody’s obligation to take care of the land for future generations.
Before his walk around the boundaries, Martin thought the walk would be easy but Old Ted, his great grandfather, knows how hard this seemingly simple journey will be. Since Old Ted knew what Martin was going to experience, he makes sure Martin goes the right way around the boundaries so Martin can find out about the land’s Aboriginal past. Old Ted says multiple times, “no matter what happens, follow the way I told you to goD.” (p.23) Martin was confused about why the old man was making such a fuss about the
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