Walmart Fiscal Policy

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Fiscal policy is a means by which our government regulates its level of spending and tax rates to observe and impact a country’s economy. It is a budget strategy through which a central bank influences the nation’s money source. The positive and negative consequences of fiscal policy include shortage, surplus, and debt. All have fluctuating effects on how individuals view the economy, make subjective decisions, and react to unsettling changes. Individuals should consider focusing on making independent decisions that provide short and long-term profits in uncertain periods. The decisions made by individuals have lasting effects on the economy when spending increases and reinvestments in the economy are established.
“Under current law,
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Wal-Mart’s plans for increasing their minimum wages for their associates are on example of their effects on the macroeconomic impact. The company is arguing that raising the minimum wage from about $8.25 to as high as 15 dollars which is estimated to be around 1 billion a year will not make a difference in the u.s economy grossing over 17 trillion dollars a year. Alongside their fight to increase minimum wage they are developing a job training program to prepare Wal-Mart associates for positions with greater job responsibilities within the Wal-Mart organization. The fact that Wal-Mart is able to make these huge changes within their organization shows that companies’ impact on the economy is not very high. This information is very beneficial to the Wal-Mart organization because by the company knowing this they can make all of the advancement in order to make a pathway for better career opportunities for Wal-Mart associates to move…show more content…
Over the course of the next 2 years Wal-Mart should be able to live up to third goals and changes, Seeing that the odds are in their favor as far as their economical standpoint is concerned. Of course it is important for the organization to understand that there will be some issues that may arise. I personally believe that Wal-Mart will not have many issues in the areas of economic weaknesses. Wal-Mart is a company that has a great deal of strengths. They sell their products at very affordable prices as well as very convenient for costumers. Also With the new rise of minimum wage as well as the opportunities more jobs will be created which will encourage Wal-Mart to expand and generate more money throughout the organization. Along with better job opportunities within their stores I think the some other strengths Wal-Mart would develop more opportunities in their corporate offices as
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