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Marketing Report

Example of Wal-Mart


I.The Chinese Retail Market A. Analysis of the Chinese Retail Market

B. A picture of China’s Retail Market : facts & figures

II. Wal-Mart in China

III. Wal-Mart suggested business model in China

A. General Analysis

B. Suggestions


The Chinese Retail Market

China is first of all a demographic power: 1 human being out of 5 is living there. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council is in possession of the nuclear weapon and recently shoots down its own space satellites: this makes from it also a military power. As a matter of fact, China is replacing Japan as the diplomatic
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Even if foreign retailers do not need the approval from one central authority anymore, they have to run after much necessary permission to open new stores. Besides, under this strong competition context, the government is hardly to bring in new laws to calm the situation. Obstacles are quite numerous. Let’s summarize this analysis into a graphic to have a better representation of the procedure how to penetrate this market.


A picture of China’s retail market: facts and figures
After this analysis, we are going to take a look at the characteristics of the Chinese retail

market. The typical Chinese consumer purchases grocery products very often. Traditional retailers seem to be adapted to this Chinese consumption habits

These all are still well-established above all in the rural area but today the consumer can go either in supermarket, in open-air markets, or in hypermarkets. And since the introduction of hypermarkets, sales through this format have grown at a far higher rate than any other outlet type. Hypermarkets do not stop in gaining market shares and represent today the most important modern format. The hypermarket is characterized by a large selling area with a wide choice, the presence of food and non food items, and it offers advantages that other formats are not able to offer. To achieve this goal, they launched a new format: the discount outlets. What is of real significance, is that the goods sold through these

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