Walt Disney : A Visionary Leader Essay

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Walt Disney When people think about Walt Disney they will most likely think about Disneyland, Disneyworld, or even Mickey Mouse. What people do not realize is that he started with an advertisement company and built one of the most widely recognizable companies in the world. Walt Disney was a great in his visionary leadership, but he was not effective in his ethical leadership. Disney inspired his company to achieve his dream, but he was an egoistic leader during the process. This paper will explore Walt Disney’s use of dispositional flexibility and inspirational motivation in his visionary leadership. In doing so, it will explain how he handle the change in his company and inspired his employees during the construction of Disneyland. Then it will describe Disney’s unethical leadership and how he fell into the ethical trap of worry over image and failed to have intellectual humility. It will explain how he was consumed with the image of his name and how he ran his company like a dictator. Finally, this paper will cover my personal relevance to his visionary and ethical leadership. It will explain how I tried to drive a change in my work center and a time when I was not effective in my ethical leadership. Walt Disney was an expert at dispositional flexibility and inspirational motivation.
Visionary Leader Walt Disney can be described as driven, enthusiastic, innovative, optimistic, intense and a go-getter. His leadership and vision was key during the

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