Walt Disney Company Case Study

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The Walt Disney Company is a worldwide leader in entertainment and at some point, touched the lives of most people on Earth, in one way or another. Walt Disney has become the stepping-stone for children, and in many ways has helped shaped children in today’s society. In this paper, I will review Walt Disney as a global company and their business operations in three different countries; The United States, France, and Japan. It will review four different categories, The Foundation of Global Business, Global Business Environment, Global Business Strategy and Organization, and Global Business Management. The Foundation of Global Business will give an overview of Walt Disney arrangements within the global market, whether it is the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, or if there are tariffs that are put into place, and the cultural knowledge that must be learned before going into business with a foreign market. The Global Business Environment combined with the Global Business Strategy and Organization section, reviews aspects of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension, some political and economic risks, and how Disney is structured with Civil and Common law in The United States, Japan, and France. Lastly, in managing a Global Business, I will discuss certain management operations, and relationships Walt Disney has with unions, what all they offer their employees, and the type of training required in foreign markets. Foundations of Global Business Founded in 1923,
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