Walt Disney Company's Mission Statement

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The multifaceted empire that began with a man and a mouse has rarely failed to please its audiences around the world. Each year, millions of consumers flock to the meccas of entertainment that the Walt Disney Company has created. Countless public relations professionals wonder, "How can such a vast Fortune 500 company creates such intimate relationships with consumers?" The answer is simple, The Walt Disney Company has a top of the line in-house public relations team that work tirelessly to create, implement and cultivate strategic PR campaigns and internal company policy that draws consumers into the gates of their empire. The Walt Disney World Company has grown substantially in the 92 years since its founding on October 16, 1923. The company now owns 11 theme park resorts, 10 major media networks and the merchandise efforts that come along with their assets. Disney 's revenue for 2014 reached 48 billion and with numbers that large and a consumer audience targeted at all ages public relations tactics are vital to the success of the company. The Walt Disney Company 's mission statement is to be, "one of the world 's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information, using its portfolio of brands to differentiate its content, services and consumer products." ("Investor Relations | The Walt Disney Company."). This mission statement has been carried out with the help of the communication professionals on Disney 's team. According to a job posting under
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