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Allison Martin
English 9 Honors Block 3
24 January 2017
Research Paper
The Influence of Walt Disney This world has existed for millions of years; in all of that time there has been a countless amount of people who have done fantastic things. Walter Elias Disney was one of those people that influenced not just a few people, but millions. Disney has done the unimaginable and while doing that he pushed others to do so as well. He impacted the lives of everyone watching him by serving as a role model. Disney was also a monumental influence of the mass media. Finally, he left a lasting impression on the world by leaving behind his intentions for his company. To begin with, Walt Disney served as a role model for everyone watching …show more content…

They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be 12 years old. They patronize, they treat children as inferiors. Well I won’t do that.” – Walt Disney (Brown) To conclude, Walt Disney was a wonderful role model for everyone watching him, no matter their age. Secondly, Disney had a huge impact on the mass media. Throughout his career he did not just influence people 's lives, but he influenced the entire mass media.(Johnson) Walt Disney made a variety of films. He even had his very own weekly, one hour shows that were produced by ABC on television.(Pettinger) Furthermore, Many animators all had the same type of films, on the other hand Disney 's characters were much different than the usual ones you would see, therefore Disney was offering a new kind of films for the public. If you have ever seen a Disney movie you would see that his movies are appealing to all ages, by doing this he has adjusted the entire field of family entertainment.(Johnson) Also, unlike most filmmakers, Walt Disney had one specific goal when he made his movies and television shows, which was to make people happy. He did not focus on the money or the fame, all that mattered to him was seeing that his movies were positively effecting his viewers lives.(Brown) He began using the money he made while making movies to go towards creating his Disney Theme Parks, and once the parks were open he used the mass media to support and promote these theme parks. In fact, he used advertising

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