War : Dream Or Impossibility? American President John F. Kennedy

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Michael Dombrovsky Mrs.Healy ENG2DI-03 26 October 2015 End to War: Dream or Impossibility American president John F. Kennedy once said, “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission”. War has been an everyday occurrence in the lives of ordinary people in developing countries. Ever since the invention of the sword, nations have waged war on their enemies. Through a combination of various fiction and nonfiction texts, the Interface English textbook by Joan Green, explore the theme of “Freedom from War: DREAM or POSSIBILITY?”(83). This unit explores the history of war, people 's experiences of war, and the aftermath of war. Freedom from war is but a dream. In a world where people are shooting each other, tolerating violence towards each other, and bombing each other, freedom from war is clearly not a possibility. Gun violence is an inherent part of human nature. To begin with, ever since the explorers discovered North America they were shooting everyone. Written as a poem about the past, Jeannette C. Armstrong explains in “History Lesson” what happened after the first European explorers got off Christopher Columbus’s ship. “Out of the belly of Christopher 's ship a mob bursts… Shooting buffalo, Shooting each other left and right”(85). This quote is an allusion to the many wars and conflicts that happened since the explorers came to North America. The most famous of

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