Warehouse Management System

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Introduction RFP is a tool whose utility is applied on services or complex products which in their quality, service or the engineered final product tend to be different from each responding vendor. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) RFP template contain lists and description of features and functions that are found within the Warehouse Management System software solutions. It is essential in controlling costs, saving time, and communicating clearly with vendors at almost all the stages of one's warehouse management system software selection projects. Objectives of the RFP are: to Leverage the competitive nature of the selection process of a vendor in an attempt to negotiate the best possible deal; to get a detailed proposals for evaluating every responses of vendor in order to meet the best interests of one's company in every fronts; to position a company to be in control of the full selection process of a vendor as well as setting the selection rules up front; to make sure that the entire stakeholder's interests in the company is going to be met and a consensus reached; to begin to build a partnership between you and the vendor just from the beginning, therefore it is a useful tool (HYPERLINK "http://operationstech.about.com/bio/James-Bucki-51433.htm"James Bucki, 2009). For instance the 2007 WMS RFP template is useful for any organization as it helps in empowering one to grade potential vendors objectively based on what solution that they offer; as well as the
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