Warehouse Management System ( Wms )

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Constant technological development of the nowadays world dictates constant emergence of new trends. One of such trends which the nowadays business world has been familiar with for several decades is the technology called Warehouse Management System (WMS). Warehouse management system has a purpose to automate and refine the management of the inventory in a warehouse, warehouse space, the people who work in the warehouse and the time available to accomplish warehouse tasks (Young 2009). In case of correct and thoughtful implementation this system allows for improved productivity, increased customer service and better level of asset utilization.
Warehouse management system is the substitute for the manual warehouse operations which include work definition, receiving, putaway, replenishment, picking, assembly, packing, shipping, and so on. The system can run many day-to-day operations on itself allowing management to concentrate on the issues of more long-term value. Also, the system automatically collects data, provides analytical and decision-making tools, which give possibility for process optimization.
In order to understand how the warehouse management system can benefit a business, this paper will take as a sample a particular industry – the book wholesale industry. However, at the beginning it is necessary to understand the specifics and issues of the given industry.

Characteristics of book wholesale industry
Book industry is an extremely old and broad industry.…
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