Warehouse Management System ( Wms )

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Constant technological development of the nowadays world dictates constant emergence of new trends. One of such trends which the nowadays business world has been familiar with for several decades is the technology called Warehouse Management System (WMS). Warehouse management system has a purpose to automate and refine the management of the inventory in a warehouse, warehouse space, the people who work in the warehouse and the time available to accomplish warehouse tasks (Young 2009). In case of correct and thoughtful implementation this system allows for improved productivity, increased customer service and better level of asset utilization.
Warehouse management system is the substitute for the manual warehouse operations which include
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Therefore, the book industry, and in particular book wholesale industry is still flourishing, since they provide possibility to distribute and resell books in smaller quantities than suppliers do.
The wholesalers whose business is connected only to books, journals and newspapers are generally considered to be speciality wholesalers. Speciality wholesaler is the one that specializes in one product line (or a few product lines) but carries the line or lines in considerable depth (MONASH Marketing Dictionary 2004). This type of wholesaler can have products from various suppliers, but the product type or industry is the same. Since the industry is specialized, such book wholesalers have broad knowledge on assortment, trends, and new releases. They have to maintain relationships with different publishers worldwide in order to achieve access to various printed books required by the customers.
For the wholesalers of books the warehouse or distribution center is the most important asset. The main task of wholesalers is to buy the products from various suppliers and resell them to retailers, other wholesalers, businesses or end customers. Therefore, it is crucial to have sufficient place for storing books and processing the orders.
However, various characteristics of book as a product
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