Watching Movies: Movie Theatre vs. Home

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Movie Viewing Watching movies is an excellent source of entertainment. It can be an escape mechanism, adrenaline booster, romantic evening, social platform, and/or a tension reliever. The environment in which one chooses to enjoy a film can directly impact the experience one has while watching a film. Certainly there is no wrong or right setting in which to enjoy a movie. Rather, the setting one chooses to immerse oneself in while enjoying a movie is usually dependent on the whole experience one is striving to attain. Obviously the experience one enjoys at home while viewing a film is vastly different than taking in a movie at a movie theater. Although there are many, the main differences between watching a movie at home versus going to a movie theater are the atmosphere, the quality, and of course the expense. The atmosphere is completely different when watching a movie in a theater versus doing so at home because of the differences in pomp and ceremony, technical control, and creature comforts. Some desire an event while viewing a movie while others do not, per Roger Francis Cook in an online commentary. Going to the theater, for many, is a social production with bright lights and red carpets designed to create a night on the town experience while enjoying a movie. Others, however, prefer to forego the theater precisely because they would rather enjoy a film in a more intimate and homey environment. Going to the theater and staying home also differ in the control one

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