Essay on We Must Confront Bullying As a Nation

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They laugh at me, threatening to beat me. Every time I tell a teacher, he sends me to the guidance counselor. Who then tells me to ignore them. Anyone who has been bullied knows that pretending as if the perpetrator does not exist is virtually impossible. In fact bullying is a serious matter that we as a society must confront and strive to abolish. Since bullying can occur in a variety of ways, one must first understand its nuances to recognize that bullying is taking place and then realize the gravity of bullying.
Bullying affects an entire community of kids. A single student who bullies can have a wide-ranging impact on the students, not only the bully and his or her victim. A single bully can have a wide-ranging impact on the student …show more content…

It is important that we understand that a bully cannot be labeled by what they look like. A bully can be recognized only by their actions. Bullies are known to be big strong boys; however, bullying among girls is perhaps even more common and hurtful. “Girls are aggressive, but may use more indirect behaviors to damage relationships and can be sneaky and nasty”(Beane).
Bullying takes place in many forms. Bullying can take place in many forms, for example, physical, verbal, social, emotional, sexual, racial, and cyber(“What are”). Physical and verbal bullying has been known to be the traditional kind of bullying. Recently as social media developed, cyber bullying emerged and harmed many. “Bullying can take place in many ways like hitting, kicking, name calling, lying, spreading rumors, harassment on a mobile phone, setting up a defamatory personal website or deliberately excluding someone from social networking spaces”(Harpaz). Bullying among girls is a complex issue and often times it goes undetected until it is too late. “Girls tend to bully other girls indirectly through the peer group. Rather than bully a targeted child directly, girls more often share with other girls and boys hurtful information about the targeted child” (Beran) .Bullying hurts and adults and teachers need to be aware of bullying.

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Bullying has serious consequences. Bullying can seriously

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