We Must Stop Higher Education

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still relax. He felt the driving situation was in control. If you have put God as the driver of your college education or career, He wants you to “sit back and ride.” Trust Him to straighten-up the crooked places on your career’s road. Just as cars were pulling out in the wrong lines when my husband was driving, he did not lose focus. As you pursue your degree God’s way, or you seek employment, the enemy will try to make you hurry God, or push you off the right road. The wicked one will tell you that pursuing higher education is needless and due to the current market competition, you will not get a job. Just like my husband remained focused (despite the careless drivers), when Satan launches his attacks, you must continue to trust God regardless of what you see or cannot see. What I’m saying is, if God is before your college degree or career, He has promised to keep you in the right lane. Where you are right now, He has not left you; He had taken over the college career’s stirring wheel, and He wants to fulfill your professional goals. Your college career may be bumpy, but learn not to rush God into getting what you want. In fact, take my strong advice and use the recommendation that my husband gave me: trust God enough to “sit back and ride.” I stopped talking. I sat back and rode. You wouldn’t believe what happened.

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And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint.
- Luke 18:1…

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