We Must Stop Higher Education

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still relax. He felt the driving situation was in control. If you have put God as the driver of your college education or career, He wants you to “sit back and ride.” Trust Him to straighten-up the crooked places on your career’s road. Just as cars were pulling out in the wrong lines when my husband was driving, he did not lose focus. As you pursue your degree God’s way, or you seek employment, the enemy will try to make you hurry God, or push you off the right road. The wicked one will tell you that pursuing higher education is needless and due to the current market competition, you will not get a job. Just like my husband remained focused (despite the careless drivers), when Satan launches his attacks, you must…show more content…
That’s wonderful. Now, let me show you how to focus upon God. What I am preparing to say might sound like an undergraduate or graduate student that you know: When the sun rises and the college student stumbles out of their dorm beds, the first thing they do is pick up their cell phone. They check their text messages and voice messages, and they look at the latest gossip posted on social network. What they can’t see is the enemy’s tactic to lure them into his daily deception. Once they have succumbed to the devil’s fraudulent ways, do you think they should sit back and wait for God to create paths to their college success? I learned that God always holds true to His part of the plan, but since we live in a high-tech informational wave, we become influenced by its profound trends. These new-day trends reach way past anything we have ever seen, and if we aren’t careful, we can get addicted to checking a quick text message; listening to a voice message, and connecting online with family or old friends. If we want to escape the temptation to move God outside our college life, which changes should cleave to, instead of reaching for our cell phone first thing in the morning, embrace an urge to communicate with the Lord God through prayer. In fact, what do you think would happen if we walked around with our Bible (as we carry our cell phones), and every time we had a college or career question, we open God’s Word to find the right
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