Web Analysis : Google Analytics

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Generally small business which is based on web uses analytical tools to analyze their business and their web site based on the metrics derived from the analytic tools. There will be lot of data which is obtained from the analytic tools which most of the time the web site developers don’t make right insights with the data obtained from the analytic tools. 80% of the web based business does not use their analytics data; they don’t even track important factors like conversion rates and purchases. Google Analytics: It is an analytical administration offered by Google that tracks and reports site movement. Google Analytics is currently the most broadly utilized web analytic administration on the Internet. It is offered likewise in two extra forms: a membership based Google Analytics Premium focused at big business clients and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, a SDK that permits gathering utilization information from IOS and Android Apps. Geographic and DEMOGRAPHIC Reporting in Google analytics helps to reach target sales to a specific region. Demographic reporting is the new tool that Google analytics provided to analyze the data based on the geographic locations so that we can make some insights towards sales in that particular region. Demographic reporting helps to small business people to target sales to a particular region based on the data obtained from the demographic report. Demographic data gives us timely and relevant information
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