Web Technology, Social Media, And Smart Phone

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Web technology, social media, and “smart phone” allow for a greater sense of independence and self-discovery. As Turkle (2012) suggests, there is a contradiction between connection and disconnection that technology imposes on users. To be tethered is to be connected, but the connection is beyond time and space, meaning being physically absent, but emotionally present. Likewise, Turkle (2012) argues that it is odd that individuals participate in the collective activity while being somewhere else. Similarly, the self is invisible, and the ways in which the self can develop and form are physically absent. Technology allows for a greater sense of control over one’s conversation and interactions, yet, the control is illusive. The relationship is contradictive, meaning as technology allows for a greater sense of control, but also becomes a source of obligation. Therefore, Turkle (2012) suggests that web technology creates an overload of information, which is troublesome because we are constantly surrounded my information, and we do not know how to piece information together or make sense of it. The instantaneous clicking of a button does not allow an individual to analyze an issue. Thus, an instant response undermines our ability to think critically. While I do agree with Turkle that we do not know how to peace or process the information available to us, I would argue that web technology is not the primary source responsible for our inadequacies. Being a college
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