The Effects Of Social Media On The Development Of Mobile Technology

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Social Media & Media Broadcast Marketing The increase of social media and the development of mobile technology in the last decade has been significant, which has transformed the communication strategies and especially with sharing the experiences and how information should be marketed to the target audience. According to Hollensen (2014), the selection of newspapers, web sites, and TV to be used for advertising (series of actions to reach goals) needs to be done (at the same time) with the development of the message theme. The vital question in media selection is whether to use a target or mass approach. When a large percentage of the general public is a potential customer the mass media approach will be most effective. The media approach should be the outcome of a careful fit of local advertising goals, the characteristics of the target market and media attributes. Moreover, media variety can be based on the following criteria: • Reach - the total number of potential customers in a target market exposed to at least one advertisement in a specific time period. • Frequency – is the average total of times within a given period, a target market audience is exposed to the same promotion. • Impact – dependant on compatibility between the message from the media approach and the medium used. When an organisation introduces a new product or enters a new market high reach is essential, in order for the new product or service to reach the widest possible audience the reach is
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